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Integrated Logistics Solutions from Sierra Leone

Based in Sierra Leone Imatrix101 is a logistics company who, with our international and local strategic partners, provide comprehensive freight management and logistics services for clients globally and within Sierra Leone. We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt our services to suit our clients’ needs.

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Our Services

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Imatrix101 will plan, co-ordinate, track, customs clear and deliver your cargo with the immediacy it deserves. Working with our international and domestic strategic partners we provide a fast, cost effective door-to-door freight service.

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Customs Brokerage

Imatrix101 works with customs clearance professionals with many years’ experience supported supported by the latest computerized systems (ASYCUDA) for speed and guaranteed accuracy and ensure the lowest legitimate tariffs.

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Shipping Agency

Imatrix 101 shipping department manages and handles shipment and cargo at the Sierra Leone ports and habours on behalf of clients. Our shipping department is a proud registered member of the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO).

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Our international procurement partners provide procurement and procurement consultancy services to projects of all sizes across the world. Our combined service covers undertaking the full procurement process on behalf of clients.

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Our transportation partners operate a large and diverse fleet of haulage equipment and heavy-duty vehicles in Sierra Leone, including flatbeds, box trucks, a 4 ton forklift and a 10 tons 20 ft. crane-truck.

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Cost Control

Imatrix101 work with you to identify, measure and manage all major areas of direct and indirect cost. Careful assessment of the supply chain highlights areas of wastage that add unnecessary cost.

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